Bring Bronx Zoo To Your Living Room
By Steve Mirsky on March 24, 2017


“There are a lot of misconceptions about what zoos and aquariums are today in the 21st century.”
Jim Breheny, Director of the Bronx Zoo - and Executive Vice President & General Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoos and Aquarium. The Animal Planet channel recently spent eight months filming in the Bronx to create The Zoo, a series that began airing February 18th. 
Jim Breheny, 布朗克斯動物園(Bronx Zoo )園長(Director),野生動物保護會動物園和水族館執行副總兼總幹事(General Director)。動物星球頻道最近用八個月的時間在布朗克斯動物園拍攝(filming)一系列節目The Zoo,二月18日起開始轉播(began airing)。

“We created this show with Animal Planet …to kind of pull the curtain back on what happens behind the scenes in a modern zoo. We wanted to invite Animal Planet and its viewers…to meet our animals, the meet the staff that cares for them and to see all the different skills, expertise and passion, really, that these people bring to caring for our animals.
「我們和動物星期一同製作節目,像是拉開現代動物園幕後(behind the scenes )的簾幕(pull the curtain back on sth),我們希望邀請動物星期和觀眾們(viewers)認識(meet)我們的動物,認識照顧動物的工作人員(staff),親眼見到他們照顧(caring for )動物的不同的技巧、專業(expertise)和熱情(passion)。」

“But more than that it goes one step further. What we do every day is relate the animals that we have in our zoos and aquariums and the exhibits that we have for people to see, we relate those animals in those exhibits to the conservation struggles going on with species in the wild. And we try to get people informed and involved, and to help us in our mission to save species around the world.”
「除此之外(more than that),這系列影片還更向前邁進一步(goes one step further),我們每一天所做的事是為了講述(relate)我們動物園和水族館裡的動物和展覽(exhibits)給大家看,我們把展示的動物和野生動物(species in the wild)保護的努力(conservation struggles )之間進行關聯(relate… to …),我們試圖讓大家了解並參與(get people informed and involved),幫助我們達成保護地球物種的使命。」

Five episodes of The Zoo have already aired, with new episodes Saturdays at 10PM Eastern time. And to catch what you may have already missed, checked out the marathon Saturday, March 25th, starting at 11AM Eastern. Episodes are also archived on the Animal Planet website. Don’t forget.
已經播放了五集的The Zoo,新的節目將在星期六美國東岸時間(Eastern time)晚上十點播放,若要看(catch)先前沒看到的節目,可以在三月二十五日星期六來瞧瞧(checked out)節目馬拉松(marathon, 從第一集看到最後一集),從東岸時間早上十一點開跑!全部節目同時在動物星球網站上歸檔(archived),別忘了喔!


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