Early-Life Microbes Ward Off Asthma
不乾不淨  吃了沒病 (童年時身上的細菌可預防氣喘)
By Steve Mirsky on March 14, 2017


“Asthma(氣喘) is a very prevalent(普遍的、盛行的) disease in our society now. It wasn’t so 50 years ago. And we now realize that the very early life microbes seem to have set you up or not for asthma(幫助你有應付氣喘或不得氣喘).”
Microbiologist Brett Finlay, from the University of British Columbia. In a study of Canadian infants, his team found “at three months of age, which is a really tiny little kid, there are four microbes, if you had these four microbes you had very very low risk of getting asthma, if you didn’t have these microbes you were at very very high risk of asthma.”

Finlay spoke February 17th at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston. Where he also discussed a recent follow up(緊跟在後的、更進一步的) study among kids in rural Ecuador(厄瓜多爾的農村).  
“And a big risk factor associated with asthma whether they had potable (安全可飲用的), clean water. So ironically the kids that got the clean water had higher asthma rates than the kids that had the dirty water. 

“Now that makes sense in terms of(從…方面來說) microbial acquisition (攝取、獲得)…it makes sense but I must admit I was surprised to see that, you’d think if we clean the water up that’s good for the world…this is all part of the big ‘hygiene hypothesis(衛生假說)’…I say we’re suffering from a hygiene hangover(衛生宿醉), we have cleaned our world up too much, and we’re just not getting the microbes that our grandparents got. And as a result that’s affecting(打動) many, many of the diseases that we experience in our society that we didn’t experience a hundred years ago... 

“And one of the things that I’m starting to realize is that maybe these microbes are actually endangered species and you think about your great grandkids(玄孫), they’re gonna have very different microbes than you do and as we urbanize(都市化) more and more our microbes become less diverse(多樣的). And anyone that knows ecosystems, that’s not good, you want large diversity in rainforests, same as your microbes.

“So there are people that are bio-banking things(生化儲存這類的事,比方儲存幹細胞), I’m not suggesting that maybe you should biobank your poop(大便) now and give it to your great grandkids, I don’t know. But…I worry we’ve gotten too clean and we have to ease off (緩和 減緩) a bit…because we’ve taken a piece of our evolution right out of our bodies. We’ve evolved with these microbes all along, and they’re just not there anymore and I think we’re starting to see the effects in these diseases.
有人做生化儲存這樣的事,我不是建議大家把便便存起來給後代子孫,或許可能吧,但是,我擔心我們弄得太乾淨,我們必須緩一緩,因為這麼做是把身體的進化的其中一塊扔掉(take out),一直以來我們都和微生物共同進畫,現在它們沒了,我認為接下來就是要面對疾病的後果。


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