Poverty Shaves Years off Life
By Steve Mirsky on March 17, 2017


Back in 2011 member countries(會員國) of the World Health Organization, the WHO, came up with a plan to cut mortality(死亡率) from non-communicable diseases(非傳染性疾病) 25 percent by the year 2025. The program was thus called the 25 X 25 Initiative. And it identified various health risk factors, such as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes and a sedentary lifestyle(久坐不動的生活方式). What the Initiative(提議) did not include as a risk factor for poor health was poverty.
先前在2011年WHO會員國(member countries )提出(came up with )一個計劃要在2025年之前把非傳染性疾病死亡率(mortality)減(cut)25%,這項計畫稱為25乘25計畫。他們找出各種健康危害因子,如抽菸、高血壓、糖尿病,還有久坐不動的生活方式(sedentary lifestyle),這項計畫(the Initiative )沒有涵蓋到的健康危險因子是貧窮。

An international team of researchers thus decided to look at poverty as a possible driver(驅力、起因) of non-communicable illness. They pored over(研讀) data from 48 previously published studies that included socioeconomic(社經) information. Together these studies include some 1.75 million subjects(研究對象) from seven high-income countries in the WHO. And the research team found that being poor was more dangerous than obesity(肥胖) or high alcohol intake(大量飲酒). The study is in the journal The Lancet.
於是世界各地的研究人員組成團隊,決定把貧窮當作是非傳染性疾病的起因(driver),他們研讀(pored over)48個以前發表過的資料,包括社會經濟研研究資料,涵蓋WHO高收入會員國的一千七百五十萬個研究對象(subjects),研究團隊發現,貧窮比肥胖(obesity)和大量飲酒(high alcohol intake)更危險,這份研究在The Lancet上發表

The results were reported in terms of(從…方面來看) years of life lost between the ages of 40 and 85. Being a current(現任的) smoker was associated with 4.8 years of lost life, diabetes with 3.9 years and physical inactivity(缺乏運動) with 2.4 years. Being of low socioeconomic status(社會經濟地位) was almost as bad as inactivity, with 2.1 years of lost life. High blood pressure only accounted for(佔、負責) 1.6 years lost and high alcohol intake was good for(能提供) - or bad for - 0.5 years gone.
從四十到八十五歲的人壽命減少的角度來看(in terms of),這份報告說,現在還在抽菸的人會短命4.8年,糖尿病短命3.9年,缺乏運動(physical inactivity)短命2.4年,社會經濟地位低(low socioeconomic status)的人和缺乏運動的人差不多,短命2.1年,高血壓短命達(accounted for)1.6年,酒鬼則能貢獻(was good for),或損失0.5年。

Because of these findings, the researchers wrote that the results “suggest that socioeconomic circumstances… should be treated as a target for local and global health strategies, health risk surveillance(監測), interventions(醫療 = medical treatments), and policy.” In other words, part of treating disease is treating poverty.


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